Monday, February 07, 2011

Wha Chu Doing?

I hath arrived. And friends, I bring pictures.
First and foremost - I just updated the crud out of my Etsy Monster.
Secondly, if you're too lazy to click through the etsy, please allow me to picture spam this post with visions of all the crazy stuff I've been up to since the computer took a sharp turn into death-town.
First off, I made a few re-versible aprons. Including a real cute frilly one for a kid. (back is alight denim)
Then I etched a few jars. These are not ALL of those jars, just my favorite of the group. Yay peacocks.
And then I made a few more eye-masks. I like how they turned out. There are a couple of differentvariations, so if you didn't dig the look of the first one I shared on the blog, seriously, check out the etsy and see if there's a better fit for you. :) Or just look at everything. I'm quite a proud mama with this store at the moment.
Now, let's see if I can successfully tackle some taxes tonight. And then... stay tuned friends, I'm about to embark on a quilt project.

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