Sunday, February 20, 2011

Squeaky Clean Weekend

Howdy y'all. If you're hangin out in the midwest, I hope you're hunkered down for the night as this disgusting snow/ice/slush combo hits the ground. I know that's been our plan for the day.
Lately I've been taking on some of the more fun items on my checklists (I live in a perpetual to-do list. Fairly certain it's a mild OCD on my part) So here's what was worth sharing from those checks:
First and foremost- have you ever had a black dog? Can we talk for a moment about the absolutely UNREAL amount of dirt a black dog can hide in its coat? Mac got a bath today. I won't gross you out by describing the color of the water as it ran off his back, but let's jut say the bath was sorely overdue. Thankfully, for a hundred pound dog who doesn't like baths, he is pretty well-behaved and endures for my sake (minus some very heart-breaking puppy dog "pity me" eyes).
Now, some "ocean" scented shampoo, some hypo-allergenic conditioning coat spray, moisturizing/ sealing paw-pad balm, and a hairdryer (no lie, his favorite part) later, Mac is squeaky clean, and happy as a clam to sit as far away from me on the couch as possible.
Someday I shall have to sit down and outline just how much of a wussy dog Mac really is; that conditioning spray and balm are actually necessary during bath-time because of his allergies. And how much I enable that wussy-ness by rewarding his good behavior in the bathtub through using a hair dryer on him when he gets out (I'll also have to post a video of him wiggling his butt in joy as I blast it with warm air to prove his elation). I know there's gotta be someone else out there who can tell me their big, tough-looking dog needs just as much pampering. Que Ser Ah - look at that face. He's too adorable to not put in the extra effort.
Next up - I decided that I am sick of having arguments about who hogs the blankets more. And thus, I have embarked upon a quest to create a gigantic quilt that will allow us both to always feel sufficiently covered. Let's be real honest for a second here: patience is not a virtue that I do real well with, so this is a slow going project because I actually rather dislike the repetitiveness of sewing blocks of 9 squares together... with full knowledge that as soon as I'm done with that the next step is just to sew those blocks to each other. So this has been going on for a few weeks now. I hope to finish it up in March. But I know when I'm done, I will feel ridiculously proud of my accomplishment, and I'll be able to properly become a burrito at bedtime every night, so it'll be worth it. :)
I also have to mention that quilts take a stupid amount of ironing during their construction. I dislike ironing.
Anyway, and last but not least - as part of my day job working at a college, one of my RA staffs decided to put on a spa program, and I went to that last night to check it out. I contributed a few "DIY" spa recipes to them - things that anyone can make with items from their kitchen pantry, and they all seemed to be a big hit with the students at the event. Here's one of my favorites, for no other reason than how silly everyone looked when they tried it out:
The Oatmeal Honey Face Mask (the picture is a little blurry, but the look on my face is me trying to keep chunks of sticky oatmeal from falling into my lap.) The oatmeal gently exfoliates as you smear it on, the honey rejuvenates the skin. In theory anyway. Wanna try it? Mix a half a cup of honey with a half a cup of oatmeal. Smoosh on your face. Wait a few moments. And rinse it off. If you want to be super classy, after you rinse your face, swipe a slice of cucumber over your face as a toner.

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