Wednesday, January 05, 2011

The Stuff Begins!

I won't lie: A blog intimidates me. I see it as a promise to the whole world wide web that, I, with some degree of reliability, will continually update with amusing, interesting, educational, and/or visually appealing stuff. And I'd like it to be quality stuff; I recognize that no one has any interest in a day where I just brush my teeth, fiddle with a rubik's cube, watch tv, and take the dog out to poop.
But if I had a good story about how I learned to solve the rubik's cube (because I totally can solve it! *nerd*), that might be worth sharing.
that's right. I did that.
Or I could start a conversation about dogs that are sissies when it comes to cold and ask what tactics other pup owners take in warming their furry charges back up after a romp in the snow (Mac insists on wearing a hooded sweatshirt and getting zapped with the warm hairdryer when he comes in. Mac is a super wus). What I'm saying is, I think I can do this, all I have to do is commit to it.
this scene resulted in Mac tucking himself back into bed when we went in.
It's about time I go for it. I get a pretty decent rush from sharing my creations with others - be it a doodle, a painting, or something else. So that's what I aim to do here: chronicle what I'm doing, or making, and the life that goes hand in hand with that creation.
Have you got something stewing in the back of your mind? Something that's been there forever, but that you have yet to act on because it's seemingly out of the realm of your current reality? I hope you can figure out your own set of baby steps - a plan to get yourself closer to throwing yourself in the right direction. For me, blog is step numero uno.

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