Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Puke Calendar

Today's project has a back story. Chris might remember it differently, but the way it sticks in my head is probably funnier. *ahem* So that's how I'll be sharing it, yes?
The end of November, Chris was sent on a business trip to Canada, and when he came back, he was nice enough to bring me a few little gifts. One of them was a 2011 calendar from a sushi restaurant, was made to look like an old Asian scroll painting of Koi fish. I thanked Chris, and he proudly informed me:
I got this for free from that restaurant because their food made me puke, so they felt bad and gave me a calendar. Thanks for your puke gift? I didn't actually say that, but I imagine my face went from some look of amusement at this cute/ odd gesture, to grossed out at the gift's origin story. I am pretty horrible at hiding what I'm thinking; When we first started dating, Chris used to tease me ad-nauseam at how easily the positioning of my eyebrows gave away my inner thoughts. Anyway, he caught himself, and promptly backpeddled.
Uh... I thought you could paint something cool on it?

Ah. Okay then. Today seems like a good day to make that happen. I've been itching to paint some little cartoon owls - if you're an owl fan too, check back later for progress.

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