Saturday, January 15, 2011

Magic Shrooms

I have cartoon owls in my sketchbook to show you, but I think that'll have to wait until tomorrow morning.
Tonight, Chris called on his way home from work, and said he was taking me out to dinner, and I get to pick the place.
Well; twist my arm.

Fast forward to riding in the car towards the restaurant of my choice (for those who care - we did hibachi. Faaaaaaaantastic.), and Chris explains the following:
You've played the old Mario Brothers games, right? (Really boyfriend? Do you have to ask?) you know how in the beginning of the game, there's a spot where you can rack up like, 99 extra lives? You don't need them that early in the game- it's easy at that point. You get them to help you out later on down the line.
Work is going to be crazy hours for me in the next few weeks. And I feel bad, because I won't be able to give you as much attention as I want - I'll be gone all day and into the evening, and when I get home, I know I'm going to be beat. So I took you out last night, and tonight, and tomorrow, as my way of getting in some extra lives, to spoil you now 'cause I won't be able to for a while after this weekend.

Now, I'm going to try not to be too mushy of a girlfriend on this blog, but Chris likes my creativity: Heck, he set up this whole site for me to display it! And it would help this entry to know that because he encourages my artistic tendencies, I like to send him off to work each day with a quick note stashed in his lunch-bag - a doodle of my gushy thoughts on the day before, or things coming, up, etc. It's fun for me, and it puts a smile on his face each lunchtime when he reads his note.
I appreciate that he thought about me with regards to his job, and gave me a heads up about the impending ickiness. And as soon as the words were out of his mouth, I knew what his "note" had to be for tomorrow.
I have some sculpey (it's a polymer clay - you can sculpt then bake your creation in the oven to set it) in my craft closet, and while it's not enough to make a crazy awesome art piece, it is certainly enough to make a tiny 1-up mushroom.
So that's what I did.
But I had to be quick, because it meant keeping Chris out of the kitchen while I worked, and shoot, that's like trying to keep cat-hair off the couch.
So I put together a tiny mushroom and threw it in the oven (I do not recommend taking pictures of the inside of your oven, I may have singed my hair)
Gave it a quick paint job using the internet for picture reference
And promptly put it in a jewelry box we had lying around, so that he couldn't peek at it until the morning (I fully believe he will have peeked before we go to bed. He's a sneak like that.)
And that friends, is why I will not be posting a finished picture of my intended owl painting tonight: I was simply too busy cooking magic 'shrooms for my boyfriend.

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