Saturday, January 22, 2011

Keep It Reeeeeal

Okay, first things first: Have you seen this video (SFW, promise)?
In my daytime job, I work at a college. And since students are always looking for good ways to procrastinate, I had more than one student come into my office today insisting that I watch this hilarious, if not troubling, abomination.
For those that want some back story, the little girl is named Eden Wood, and she has risen to fame through her prominence on the TLC show: Toddlers and Tiaras. Said fame apparently landed her an appearance on "The Talk," - aka, CBS' version of "The View."
If you can force yourself to watch it again, I recommend peeling your eyes from Eden to watch the people in the background - there is a stark contrast between the show's hosts - who are disgusted and clearly judging - and Eden's mom, sitting in the middle of the couch, who can't peel the perma-grin off her face unless she's singing along with her daughter.
Now. For some true entertainment, you need to watch THIS version (still SWF).
And now, well, I imagine if you watched either of those, that we're now stranded in the same boat: 'Cutie Patootie' is irrevocably stuck. In. My. Head.
So stuck, that while I was out and about tonight, I had to take a moment to sketch little Eden out. I didn't have internet access, so this is straight from the memory of watching this video like 60 times today (slight exaggeration, but not by much).
Please note I drew her in the pose she strikes while screeching "Keep it Reeeeeeeeal." As if a 5 year old that's covered head to toe in makeup and fake tan has ever been hit with a dose of reality. I digress.
Today's project was at least in-part inspired by little Ms. Eden. Being an obvious prima-donna, I believe she could probably sympathize with me when I say that I hate sleeping with any kind of light in the room. I've always been an avid napper, and can thusly fall asleep darn near anywhere. But for actual deep, night time, restful sleep, I have to be in darkness. Dark darkness. We're talking an abyss of inky blackness.
Unfortunately, I live on a college campus (see: MY JOB). And while I've gotten really good at blocking out any superfluous noises, there is a safety flood light like every 10 feet outside my building. No matter how much I try, some of that light is always beaming into my bedroom, and finding a way to aim right at my eyes.
But I had extra fabric and elastic lying around, and tonight it finally hit me: Why do I put up with this? Cue sewing.
Problem Solved.

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