Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Etsy Monster

So many projects to start, I don't know which to tuck into first! Actually, I do, but before I jump into glass etching head-first (not literally, mind you, those are some pretty corrosive chemicals that should probably not get too near your face.), I wanted to share some of the fruits of my recent labor with you.

Namely, THE KPQUEPASA ETSY MONSTER IS ALIVE. (you should go there. I laced this article with links.)

I loaded it up with the first wave of goodies, notably some paintings, some jewelry, some sewing projects, and my personal favorite: my devil horns.

Those devil horns are a piece of costumery (Is that a word? There's no squiggly red line under it, so I suppose it IS! Sweet.) that I am particularly proud of. Halloween is my favorite holiday, mostly because I pick my costume based on how much geeky crafting I can put into it. The first Halloween after I moved to Michigan, I decided to be a Devil in a Blue Dress.
The initial reasoning behind this was that I had just purchased my first [reliable] sewing machine, and I was itching to try it out. Sewing a blue dress seemed a great way to christen my lovely new Singer. But then I ventured out to costume stores to select the all important horns and found that every pair out there was way too chinsy for my taste.
Thus. I bought a floral foam wreath. And with the help of an exacto knife, red and black paint, and some lacquer, I carved and painted this set of horns that I was (and still am) supremely happy with. I think it shows in the photos from Halloween that year: I was geeked to wear my costume because I knew it was subtle but AWESOME.
I went out with my friend Kate, who made an excellent ipod commercial.
(and why yes, I did just have a cape already lying around.)
Now, friends, those epic horns could be yours.
Other stuff going on? Well, I guess I am starting to get irked with the lack of comics up here, and the only person who can be blamed for such a thing is me. So I will share an old comic from my archives with you today - a true account of how my behemoth 100lb dog reacts to nature - I hope you find some joy within. :)

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